New Learnings


I am a teacher, and I LOVE learning! Learning brings joy, and as a teacher, I tried to instill in my students the love of learning something new. Here are a few new things I have learned recently.

  1. While observing a music teacher for her Professional Growth Plan, I learned the musical term “rubato”. It’s a lovely word translated “robbed”. When a soloist sees this term in the music they are performing, they may take liberties with the tempo; essentially “robbing” from one note to give to another. Isn’t that beautiful?
  2. For Easter lunch, I made a strawberry lemon trifle. The recipe called for lemon zest. Although I have made this particular trifle several times, I had never put the lemon zest in because I didn’t have the right tool. I do now, so I gingerly scraped the outside of the lemon on the zester. I brought the tiny bits of peel up to my nose and was surprised by the wonderful lemon scent. Theoretically, I knew why chefs used the zest, but the strong scent surprised me. And the trifle was delicious.
  3. While creating a summer book study for our staff in Canvas, I learned about booksnaps. Using Google Drawings, I can take a picture of a page of text, put it in Drawings and annotate it. With the tools, I underlined and highlighted in different colors, uploaded clipart, and put arrows next to important points. So now, readers can comment on a discussion board about a certain piece of text and how it resonated with them.

I am retiring this year, but I hope I never lose my love of learning. I believe that joyous feeling is part of what keeps life so interesting.


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